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Celebrating 20 Years of Progress--You Tube Video 

Birzeit Society produced an18-minute video documentary in conjunction with the Ninth Birzeit Convention, which coincided with the 20th Anniversary of the formation of the Society. It gives a historical background about Birzeit and its people, including the immigration process and the full story of Birzeit Society’s mission, achievements, and charitable programs since its inception in 1987.

The video covers the origin of Birzeit inhabitants and the history of Birzeit itself and how it developed into its present day modern college town. It features many personalities, events and institutions that are of significance throughout the Birzeit history. It talks about the immigration process since the early part of the 20th century and how that influenced the idea of forming an organization for Birzeit people in the Diaspora.

Much of the material used in this documentary was collected and obtained from the archives of Birzeit Society as well as other sources that dealt with the history of Birzeit and Palestine.

Mr. Hani Kaileh, who worked hard to produce the video, says that it is hardly long enough to compress more than three hundred years of history. “However” he added, “in this documentary, we tried our best to cover main events and highlights which are considered of such importance where as it can give the average viewer a fairly good idea about the history of the town and the journey of its proud people” he said.

Mr. Kaileh said Birzeit Society dedicates this Documentary to all Birzeiti youth, especially those who are children of Birzeiti immigrants and who are by virtue of their living situation and age, may not be as abreast about their history or the history of their parents. “We Hope that through this documentary, we can increase their awareness of their ethnic and cultural identity and help all Birzeitis to stay connected with their roots” he concluded. 


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