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Stop the "Hot Blend" Asphalt Plant in Birzeit, Palestine

Don't let emissions, odors, and noise ruin our town.

A letter from Dr. David Saah, PhD

Click here to download Dr. Saah's comments and concerns regarding the installation of the Hot Blend Asphalt Facility in Birzeit, Palestine.


study to assess the environmental and health impact provided by Birzeit University

The official report can be read in Arabic hereA translated English version can be read here

Below is the report's conclusion translated using google translate: 

Conclusion: As a result of all data, studies and references available locally and internationally, the committee formed a group of scientific and objective evidence indicates the seriousness of health and environmental damage that will result from building an Asphalt factory in the place where it is currently being built with all its assets, including handling, transport, production, storage and disposal, Its potential negative impacts on the proposed environmental space for the project in Birzeit.

Birzeit University Committee prepared for the study:

Dr.. Mayssa Nimer, Institute of Public and Community Health

Prof. Rashid Al-Saed, Institute of Environmental and Water Studies


Dear Friends & Family,

We cannot express our gratitude enough with the contributions you made for the COVID-19 relief campaign. With your generosity we have surpassed our goal and collected a total of $26,530 that will help assist needy families in Birzeit and health care workers in Palestine affected by this global pandemic. 

As we continue to face tough times and repercussions from COVID-19, we are faced with a new challenge that is affecting our family and friends in Birzeit. Currently, there is an asphalt plant being built between Birzeit and Jifna. Due to the close proximity to many residences, schools, churches, mosques and other businesses, residents in Birzeit and the surrounding neighboring towns are justifiably concerned. According to the United States federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, exposure to asphalt fumes can cause headaches, skin rashes, fatigue, reduced appetite, throat and eye irritation, and coughing and people living nearby are exposed to cancer-causing substances that can cause long-term damage.

Birzeit Society is taking immediate action and we need your help!

Our intense action plan that is being implemented immediately with the hope of putting a stop to the asphalt plant being built includes collecting signatures for a petition in Birzeit and surrounding villages, obtaining legal counsel, placing ads in the newspaper and on television, writing letters to Palestinian government officials, Birzeit Institutions, and Birzeit University, and creating pamphlets to promote awareness of the dangers that the asphalt plant could cause. 

As we believe these actions will stop the asphalt plant operations from being built, it will require costs from our society and we are seeking your help. Please consider contributing to this cause directly to STOP the asphalt plant from being built and donate today!

Donate Below!

ACT NOW! We are also asking that you sign there petition by clicking here: https://www.aredaonline.com/265718


Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $10,630.00

How can I donate to support the ongoing efforts to stop the "Hot Blend" Asphalt Plant from harming our families?


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